How to join Twitter and GYHour

Ask yourself:

  • Will you use this account for yourself or for your business?
  • Can you think of a suitable Twitter name that is under 15 characters long? Hint: Only include letters, numbers and underscores
  • Do you have a password to use that you won’t forget?

 Time to sign up!

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the ‘New to Twitter’ boxes
  3. Click the ‘Sign up for Twitter’ button.
  4. Look out for a Twitter email. Click the email’s link to verify your address.
  5. On Twitter, fill in your profile and choose how private your tweets will be.
  6. Follow some people and businesses on Twitter.
  7. Search for the #GYHour hashtag every Tuesday at 7pm. Add this hashtag to all of your tweets.

Here is a list of friendly GYHour regulars you can follow.

Tweet. Greet. Meet. Repeat. An hour of tweeting for Great Yarmouth Business People

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